Weather for 42 ° Muggia-Portorose-Muggia

Return of the Azores anticyclone in the coming days. Already in the weekend we will see more sunny conditions than the last few days.

Weekend with prevailing sunshine and hot without excesses: rising pressure on the northeast to guarantee a stable weekend, in the sunny and warm complex with maximum in the plains up to 30-31 ° C. It should be noted however some clouding species in the early morning and in the evening hours. Probable modest passage unstable between Sunday night and Monday that will accentuate the instability in the mountains with some more widespread rain or thunderstorm and in local extension to the pre-alpine and nearby plains.

Synoptic for Muggia-island-Portorož. About 12 o’clock the start.

Synoptic for Portorož-Capodistria-Muggia. About 12 o’clock the start.

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